Why is DENTIHEX® important for your pet?

DENTIHEX® minimises plaque formation, helping to mitigate against periodontal disease in your pet.

Dental homecare such as the regular use of Dentihex is vital to keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy

Dentihex - Adhesive dental paste for dogs and cats


Without Dentihex

Healthy tooth

Without Dentihex

Plaque forms constantly after eating. It takes 24-48 hours for plaque to turn into tartar.

Without Dentihex

Tartar formation (mineralized plaque) which contributes to the inflammation of the gums.

Without Dentihex

Growth of harmful bacteria (red) producing Gingivitis.

Without Dentihex

Progress to Periodontitis. The structural parts of teeth are damaged leading to pain and tooth loss.


With Dentihex

Healthy tooth

With Dentihex

Plaque formation Healthy tooth (bacterial accumulation). Forms 24 hours after feeding.

With Dentihex

DENTIHEX® action

With Dentihex

Plaque formation (bacterial accumulation) is minimised. Periodontal disease is mitigated.

With Dentihex

Healthy tooth

DENTIHEX® features

Dentihex - Proven efficacy and adhesion quality

Proven efficacy and adhesion quality

  • Containing the antiseptic chlorhexidine with proven antimicrobial activity.
  • Unique adhesive formulation ensures excellent adherence to the teeth and gums and maximises contact time and antiseptic effect.

Dentihex - High palatability

High palatability = excellent compliance

  • Dentihex is vanilla flavoured and very well accepted by dogs and cats.

Dentihex - Chlorhexidine is slowly released over 24 hours

Unique formulation provides a depot of chlorhexidine

  • Chlorhexidine is slowly released over 24 hours, providing a prolonged contact time for maximum antiseptic effect.

Dentihex - Unique 2 mg/g chlorhexidine composition

Unique 2 mg/g chlorhexidine composition 6

Dentihex - Antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-fungal

Antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-fungal 5

Dentihex - Gold standard for prophylaxis and treatment of periodontal disease

Gold standard for prophylaxis and treatment of periodontal disease 3,4

Dentihex - Easy application without brushing

Easy application without brushing

Dentihex - chlorhexidine

About chlorhexidine

The WSAVA Global Dental Guidelines state that chlorhexidine will decrease gingivitis when applied consistently over time.2

Reduces plaque when used perioperatively or as a prophylactic.2

It is a well-established antiseptic which has a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity4 (Gram+ and Gram- bacteria, fungi and yeast). 5

Quick onset of action and minimal systemic uptake when applied. The depot effect of Dentihex ensures prolonged contact time, that is key in the antiseptic effect of chlorhexidine.



Dentihex - Regular application
Dentihex - uses

Once or twice a week

Before and after a veterinary dental procedure 2,3

Dentihex - Before and after a veterinary dental procedure
Dentihex - uses

3-4 days before

Dentihex - uses

3-4 days after

Treatment of periodontal disease 2

Dentihex - Treatment of periodontal disease
Dentihex - uses

Use once daily

* Stop using Dentihex if discoloration of the teeth occurs within one month. For optimal results, apply before the
appearance of plaque and tartar. Your Veterinary Surgeon should check your pet regularly during the use of Dentihex. 3,5

How to apply

Dentihex - how to apply
Apply DENTIHEX® after feeding to maximise its benefits.
Dentihex - how to apply

For application attach the enclosed applicator to the tube. This allows easier access to the rear gum.

Dentihex - how to apply

Using the applicator, apply a pea-sized amount along the outside of the teeth focusing on the gumline.

Dentihex - how to apply

With a finger, gently cover the gums and teeth, if your pet allows.

Composition. Paraffin, Adhesive agent, Vanilla flavour, Chlorhexidine 0.2%. For use in dogs and cats. 

Administration. Dentihex is an easy to apply product. For application directly into the oral cavity it is recommended that the enclosed applicator is attached to the tube. This will allow easier access to the rear gums. Externally, the paste should be carefully spread on to the affected area using a clean finger. In the mouth, the paste is distributed by the animal’s tongue. Dentihex can be applied daily or weekly depending on the condition. For best results when being applied to the mouth Dentihex should be used after feeding. 

Special notes. Dentihex is very well tolerated. In rare cases cats may react with increased salivation. If applied over a long period of time, Dentihex may cause a brown discolouration of the teeth. However, your veterinary surgeon can remove the discolouration by ultrasonic scaling. Keep out of the sight and reach of children. 

Manufacturer. Dr. E. Graeub AG. Rehhagstasse 83. CH-3018 Bern (Switzerland). A LIVISTO company. 

Distributor. FORTE Healthcare ltd. Block 3, Unit 9. CityNorth Business Campus. Stamullen, Co. Mealth, Ireland. Store below 25°C. Shelf life: see “exp”. 

Presentation. 20 g tube and applicator.

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